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Animal Hoarding Cleaning 


Do you need animal hoarding cleaning?

Animal hoarding isn't just about multiple animals in a single location. 

It includes the environment in which that animal lives. Let's create a safe living space for you and your fur-baby(ies).

Hoarding animals is a silent epidemic in the United States.

According to ASPCA data, animal hoarding has been deemed cruel, detrimental and is a mental health issue and public safety concern. 

Animal hoarding can involve all sorts of species of cats, dogs, reptiles, rodents, birds, exotic animals and farm animals. What's too many animals to have? This question will usually show itself in the way of an individual who is unable to provide a quality of life of minimal health standards. Nutrition, sanitation, shelter and veterinary care are the highest on alert. From the outside, it might be hard to see on the inside, but there are warning signs of neglect. Most often, there are smells and piles of garbage and a lack of care for the homes they are living in.

Not caught early enough could result in starvation and illness.

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