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Declutter and Downsize a Hoard

How to start cleaning out a hoard or dealing who is a compulsive hoarder? You have to shift mentality. The purpose becomes simple. Safety is the main goal. Regaining sanity is the second. There will be pressure. Shifting your brain to decluttering someone else's clutter will feel like a discouraging task, generating unnecessary stress within your life and those around you. Leaving your brain spinning, the idea of getting things done quickly and cost-efficiently might seem far fetched. This is your time to commit to the bigger picture. The long term success. What you are willing to invest in will give you a lifetime of results.


A hoard cleaning or estate clean-out could happen for a multitude of reasons. The main ones are: you need to downsize quickly, due to outside factors such as safety, building management, neighbors complaints, the city could be involved, someone is returning from the hospital, infestations, or you're just ready. We are also aware of a traumatic event such as death-if that's the case, please give yourself some time to grieve before moving forward. 


NYC Hoards is a zero-judgement, safe place to vent. Every household is unique and complicated with an interesting life story. There is no set plan on how to handle things. NYC Hoards will provide compassionate ears, non-judgmental eyes, and proven results through dedicated hard work. Not here to toss someone's life into a dumpster. Only steer you through the brain fog by preparing and providing a comprehensive treatment plan, also known as a scope of work. Realistic goals you can trust in. 

What to Expect When Decluttering and Downsizing. 

1. Conversation, I need to know your story, whether it is short or long. This is where we set goals for creating our timeline and making it a reality. Typical goals are Sorting, Donating, Document Retrieval, Large Junk Removal, Extreme Cleaning and Disinfecting. 

2. Initial Visual Assessment, this goes hand in hand with the planning and timeline. A walk around and through the property is necessary to check the parameters and perimeters, assess everything, especially if the house is being sold and everything needs to go. The details of the assessment will be written out, on how to allocate things to the appropriate places. Allocating a list of potential donations, recycling, keeping, or putting off to the side for an estate sale. There is a place for everything, which doesn't necessarily mean being inside your home!

3. Document retrieval is ultra important as there is a lot of transparency that needs to be accounted for during this process. Hard questions if applicable: is there a Will? Sorting takes place both before and during the decluttering. This will be established right away during the planning process. Knowing what we might need to look for is of the utmost importance. Examples, old and current mail, documents like birth certificates, deeds, bank information, stock information, keys, locks, money, photos, memorabilia, all types of insurance policies, past due and current bills, tchotchke, memories, etc. (To stop junk mail good file with the Deceased Do Not Contact, we can help you with that). Read more about how important document retrieval is. 

4. Sorting and cleaning out rooms go hand in hand. Things get chaotic, it is the clam before the storm. The term organized chaos comes into play. NYC HOARDS can provide some sanity to keep you motivated. This could mean checking every drawer, closet, box and pocket, so be prepared. You'll come across road blocks, that might have sentimental value but no real value or use. Try to remember the end goal sometimes the memories are better than actual artifacts, especially if your main goal is to declutter and downsize. If there isn't a place for it's gotta go. We have to make quick decisions. Remember it's about keeping memories, but not stuff you will never use! 

Take away notes:

- Sort boxes of photos.

- Dishes and ancestral china.

- Baby and children's toys and achievements.

- Memories are just as important and the physical item—and letting them go can be scary. 

- Sift through years of clutter, let go of what no longer serves you, and identify the items worth keeping so that you can focus on living in the present.

 - Identified the psychological roadblocks 

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