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Hoarding Documents Retrieval of Valuables 


NYC Hoards knows the importance of documentation retrieval. We sit down and itemize in detail so all clients and team members are on the same page.

These priceless documents are the most important to you and us. With symptoms relating to hoarding and depression. The hoarder or a person in grief is usually stuck, overwhelmed with the amount and accumulation of stuff that needs to be done. Maybe it's just clearing out an estate, throwing out garbage, old mail etc. In mourning/loss it's hard to keep a clear head and make those daunting good decisions, it's hard to know what stacks of garbage newspapers, circulars, old unopened mail have any value left. First things first, find those important valuables.

Consolation and empathy is our high priority for those with hoarding symptoms-especially the elderly or persons handling depression or anxiety who might be grieving a lost one. 


You would be surprised how often we find important documents in garbage/shopping bags, like living wills! In situations such as an unattended death, documents supersede everything and are the most valuable to assist you and what needs to be (passed down). We simplify the document retrieval process and will provide help and or instructions for your loved ones. Executing a list of those hard to find with our highly tried eye professionals on your behalf. Here is a list of documents that provide the most valuable identity: Social Security, driver's license/state-issued id's, birth, passport, certificates, foster/adoption papers, citizenship, immigration status, naturalization card, military id's. ownership, deeds to homes, registration for vehicle, boats, trailers, and tractors. Tax forms, checking and savings accounts, retirement and investment account information, life insurance policies and financial assets, divorce papers, marriage certificate, prenuptial agreement, alimony, or child support agreements.

Hoarding delays these thoughts and the overall process. Organizing becomes a plague which makes finding things impossible.

Having a safe can be expensive for a proper one. Still, one of the best options is a fireproof safe, in the case of a fire or a break-in. You could also give a copy of your documents to a spouse or dependents for safekeeping, whatever is applicable for your needs.

NYC Hoards members are decluttering and organizing professionals. We can help locate those high-value items: papers, art, heirloom jewelry, antiques, old family furnishings. Items you thought had gone missing, you wouldn't believe all the times we found those missing keepsakes. 

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