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Donating and Hoarding

NYC Hoards provides numerous ways of helping you to donate or recycle old, unwanted, unused clothes, books, toys, and electronics. We will help you sort and move things to the appropriate center, sponsored organization or cause of your choice. Your charitable giving is accounted for by receipts and can be tax deductible. Most people hold on to old electronics and don't know what to do or how to dispose of them. Basements, attics, garages or outside fixtures of an overgrown garden of garbage, we can help!

Since 2015, in NYC, you CANNOT throw out most large electronics on regular trash nights. Don't even bother trying to leave them curbside. If they find out, you will be fined and ticketed. There is RecycleNYC and NYC Hoards to help you rid yourself of outdated electronics. 


These items are:

tv monitors

desktop computers/monitors & tower cases

outdated laptops computer keyboards

small printers/scanners


mp3 players

vcrs/dvds/dvr players

fax machines

video game consoles

cable/satellite boxes

NYC Hoards is here to help recycle unwanted e-waste. Manufacturers of computers, televisions, and other electronics are required to accept their products for recycling under New York State law and provide free take-back programs. Whatever way you want us to relocate your outdated or recyclable stuff, we'll work with you on your terms! 

More information about what electronics you can't throw in regular garbage visit the New York Department of Sanitation 

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