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 Emergency Cleaning and Hoarding Services
for New York

 Large Scale Hoarding Issues Decluttering and Downsizing Services


Quick and Painless Emergency Hoard Cleaning 

NYC Hoards specializes in extreme hoard clean ups while focusing on compulsive hoarding, also known as hoarding disorder as a mental disease. NYC Hoards will not diagnose you but we are able to identify hoarding traits that contribute to the illness and give some perspective. How hoarding might affect children, relatives, spouses, and friends of the hoarder. You will speak one on one with a real person, who will assess your needs in emergency response time, 24/7 on the phone or an in-person visual assessment. 


Breaking the hoarder mentality and stereotypes are you ready to declutter and downsize?

NYC HOARDS can provide some sanity to keep you motivated. This could mean checking every drawer, closet, box and pocket, so be prepared. You'll come across road blocks, like things that might have sentimental value but no real value or use. Sometimes the memories are better than actual artifacts, especially if your main goal is to declutter. If there isn't a place for it, it's gotta go. We have to make quick decisions. Remember it's about keeping memories, but not stuff you will never use! 


Want to donate your items but can't seem to get it done?

NYC HOARDS can assist you in donating or recycling your old unwanted, unused, clothes, books, toys, and electronics. We will help you sort and move things to the appropriate center, sponsored organization or cause of your choice. Your charitable giving is accounted for by receipts and can be tax-deductible. And you free up space and give your things a second life! 


Having trouble locating important documents?

NYC HOARDS knows the importance of documentation retrieval, we sit down with you. Taking a detail-itemized list of what's important to you. So clients and technicians are all on the same page. Individuals with hoarding personality traits, depression or overwhelming anxiety -especially the elderly, become very anxious when it comes down to personal items being shuffled around. Lost or misplaced, with compassion and detail, taking extra care to shift through the piles to help you find what you need. Taking pride to make sure nothing of value gets tossed away. Finding sentimental items or important documents is the highest priority.


Need help organizing?

Need help organizing a hoard? For most, the New Year is the perfect time to make meaningful life changes. Ridding yourself of old stuff holding you back, stuff you'll never use. Let us help you any day of the year. Let's help refresh your space with a tailored plan, involving removing unwanted junk, decluttering and organizing. You'll find the peace of mind you need and, obviously, more space, to live your best life every day!


Got Odor?

Smell something funny? spoiled food from the fridge, musky grimy bathrooms with poor ventilation, penetrating cigarette smoke, pet hair, animal urine, infestations of pests, piles of garbage, sewer backup, fire or water damage, excessive hoarding can cause all these things to pile up. Odor removal can be tricky. Let a professional take away all these variables to get to the bottom of the problem.


Animals in hoarding conditions

A silent epidemic around the world that involves our furry friends, our domestic pals and it is called animal hoarding. According to ASPCA data, animal hoarding has been deemed cruel, detrimental and is a mental health issue and public safety concern. Animal hoarding can involve all sorts species cats, dogs, reptiles, rodents, birds, exotics animals and farm animals. If you know someone who is animal hoarding give us a call so we can help.


Removal of bulky items and furniture

NYC HOARDS handles large scale junk removal and hauling for hoarding, decluttering, downsizing projects. We can empty entire homes if needed. We can coordinate 10-30 cubic yard dumpsters on demand in emergency time. Seamlessly removing large items from inside for fast hoard clean outs and quick estate turnovers.

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