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Food Hoarding Larder Hoarding

Yes, food hoarding has a sophisticated name, "larder hoarding", which is the fear of losing everything. Some may call this person the "doomsdayer." This fear drives the individual to stockpile items in bulk or will purchase mostly food on sale as a “survival mode.” Food hoarders are difficult to reason with. Many of them do not see any validity behind expiration dates. 


For food hoarders, letting go of food they get for a good deal or for free is a hard sell for those trying to help rid of expired unused stuff. A lot of food hoarding is heightened by free food banks and local charities that donate close to expired food for free to the elderly and disabled. Also, if the person received an expensive perishable item (from a loved one), refuse to use it until they see that person again or save it regardless of expiration.

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