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Hoard Clean Up Compulsive Hoarding Help

NYC Hoards specializes in extreme hoard clean ups while focusing on compulsive hoarding, also known as hoarding disorder as a mental disease. NYC Hoards will not diagnose you but we are able to identify hoarding traits that contribute to the illness and give some perspective. How hoarding might affect children, relatives, spouses, and friends of the hoarder. You will speak one on one with a real person, who will assess your needs in emergency response time, 24/7 on the phone or an in-person visual assessment. We'll ask questions such as type of property, ei. co-op stand, alone house, square footage, possible infestations, or animals, how many occupants, and most importantly, your story matters. We are here to listen. At the end, if you choose to proceed, you'll be provided with a detailed scope of work and estimated cost. Time is of the essence in most cases. That's why NYC Hoards is here. It's time to move forward. Emergency response is key to getting things moving quickly and painlessly. NYC Hoards works discreetly and quickly, help you organize and disinfect your home making an environmentally friendly clean space for you and everyone to enjoy.

Compassionate and discrete, haul garbage, newspapers, boxes, old electronics, appliances, bulk furniture, you name it. We have a place for it.  Do you know someone who is a compulsive hoarder? Or maybe someone who considers themselves a collector of sorts. A hobby that starts young and grows over time. Collecting things can bring out the clutter in us all. The majority of items have sentimental value. With time, small collections of multiple things can start preventing living spaces from being used as they should be. You stop letting your friends and family inside out of fear of judgement. Let NYC Hoards in to help with your hoarding clean up! The majority

When do "things" become difficult to throw away? when you realize you are a compulsive hoarder! it's ok to admit this cause we are all in some shape of form. How we combat this is learning skills to help combat the urges or lack of urges 

When you think you might need it later. Even if you have not used it for many months, years or even decades.

When you feel that the item no matter what is valuable, because you spent money on it.

When the item was passed down or given to you by someone in a meaningful manner or time and place you felt as meaningful.

When you might feel, if you get rid of something accidentally you might want to use it later, and no longer have it. 

You might feel the need to stock up stuff since you have money now or there is a sale now for stuff you like or might need later.​

HOARDING AND AIR QUALITY IN BATHROOMS (hoarding personal hygiene): Bathroom's are the center point of any home. Like kitchens, bathrooms have the highest foot traction and high touch "turn over rate" in homes, offices and schools. It's a hot spot for potentially harmful organisms aka germs. Focusing on places such as light switches, you will drastically reduce the spread of viruses and diseases. Something you might have never put into perspective, you usually touch light switches and door knobs, before you even wash your hands and then end up touching the same dirty switch with clean hands afterwards. Try wiping these areas down every few days. Next would be the toilet flusher handle or button, every few days also. The knobs on the sink, even though they are usually made of stainless steel, should still be on radar. Beware that germs can breed in  high touch places and transfer to other surfaces. Thoughts to put into place after a deep clean or renovation. Now there are touch-less light switches, automatic electronic sensors for sink basins, and sliding doors, just an idea how things can be more sanitary. Other areas to be vigilant of is medicine cabinets should be re organized and cleaned out in a few months also. Over all while you are in the bathroom it might be wise to wash your hands before touching anything in the medicine cabinet just for good measure. Always change your hand towels! I would like to say every three days if they are heavily used and/or shared but definitely once a week swap those out no matter what. Tiles and grout will eventually need to be cleaned or replaced. I suggest using what we use in remediation called MMR (mold mildew stain remover for tiles and grout). Don't be surprised if you need to re grout every 5-6 years! Another way to keep a bathroom clean and germ free is get a hand held squeegee and squeegee the glass and tiles immediately after using the shower. You will prevent future mold and mildew growth! New York City bathrooms are poorly ventilated. You will be lucky if you have a new vent and or a window in a bathroom. So your best defense is to keep the bathroom as dry as possible. having the best air quality is super important especially these days. Now about bathroom clutter, if you are like me you have a beauty product and/or medicine for just about every body part. how do you prevent hoarding in the bathroom? To keep it organized and decluttered? Try to buy only what you really need, and do the research-ask a professional if what you are buying, is what you really need for your ailment. Otherwise you will just be hoarding personal hygiene and end up not having any room in the medicine cabinet. Stuff will start spilling out into the linen closet in the hallways and then it could start ending up in random places throughout your home, like the kitchen AH!

PREVENT KITCHEN HOARDING AND TRASH COLLECTING (have you ever noticed kitchen hoarding consist of a few major things that clutter your kitchen? 1.) Only buy what you need! try to avoid fancy condiments, ingredients and/or spices that you are probably only going to use once. If you know it's something that you won't be using again, try to see if your neighbor or a relative has it so you don't have to invest time, money and space into it. 2.) Plastic containers for storing food and/or take out paraphernalia. A lot of take out and delivery services allow you to opt out of plastics, napkins and comments. Try to do this, it will cut down on some waste. In reality what's really the point of going to a bulk food warehouse and buying a pack of two large ketchup bottles, just to be hoarding ketchup condiments in a drawer? 0.0? 3.) damaged dishes pots and pans (or missed-matched stuff if you're feeling bold about that purge). Have you ever burnt a pot or pan beyond repair but kept cause you plan on trying to clean it? toss it! Have you ever broken a favorite coffee cup mug that you got out west? toss it! a novelty mug does not remind you of that wonderful family trip, trust me it doesn't! and don't worry we all fall victim to that ugly mug. Just look at as you are creating space and opening up to sustainability, new energy and ways of life.

BEDROOM HOARDING AND AIR QUALITY, oh the bedroom you would think it is the safest most comfy place in the house it's where you are supposed to find somber peace right? well if you are a compulsive hoarder the bedroom might be the worst place in the house. Maybe due to hoarding and collecting clothes and accessories, lack of space depending on the size of the bedroom. The organization level of it and how often it is cleaned will make a huge impact overall on your general quality of life. One thing I have to insist on telling you DO NOT EAT IN BED (maybe if you are super sick or incapacitated it is ok but I still don't like the idea of crumbs in the bed, or using your sheets as napkin! So if you have the energy, eat at a table). When you sleep, you’re breathing in everything that’s in the room, i.e., dust, pet dander, dust mites, and even mold. One of the best ways to combat dust particles in a bedroom is cleaning out from under the bed and in the closets. Change curtains and or vacuum blinds regularly. Changing your bed sheets no later every two weeks, if possible every week, also taking a quick shower before bed will help eliminate dirt particles following you. Wearing slippers around the house also, so you're not tracking dirt into bed from the floor that gets stuck on your feet. No one likes to say it but vacuuming regularly or sweeping is a super key to good air quality in the bedroom.

You have been collecting all of these things, thinking that you "might" need them later. You find yourself not having a place for your every day stuff, important documents, bills, money, prescriptions, key and wallet... CHECK OUT HOARDING PREVENTION TIPS. CALL NYC HOARDS FOR A PHONE CONSULTATION 24/7 347-359-5852

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