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Removing Odors from Hoards

Smell something funny? Need allergy relief? Odors causing bacteria? Hoarding can contribute to a ton of bad odors.

Removing "smells" and the debris or grime that causes them is a process, whether it's a home, business, or even your body. 


The lingering smells of spoiled food, bathrooms, cigarette smoke, pet hair, cat urine, animal urine, garbage, hoarding, sewer backup, fire or water damage, can be professionally cleaned by an odor remediation specialist. NYC Hoards uses the latest equipment. We take olfaction to a scientific level by identifying and eliminating odors that can cause harmful allergens or other potentially harmful airborne pathogens. Through the theory of odor control, our deodorization experts are able to locate and identify smells such as chemicals (oil, ammonia, bleach), pungent (fecal matter, tobacco smoke) and decay (rotting meat, sour milk, decomposition of biological matter). 

Most common odors are from shared spaces: homes, offices, daycare, schools, gyms, locker rooms, bathrooms, garbage, carpets, laundry rooms, mold/mildew, pet dander, and combustion sources such as fire and smoke damage, etc. Odors can come from a number of sources both inside and outside structures. By identifying the causes of the odor and the conditions from which it came, we locate the source of the odor then determine the chemical options, applications and machinery that will need to be used. Most odors and airborne contaminants can often be eliminated immediately. While each job differs just as smells do, there is always the possibility of 1-2 more treatments to fully eradicate smelly or potentially harmful airborne which lead to diminishing quality of life.

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