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Trash Hoarding (syllogomania)

Trash Hoarding in NYC (syllogomania) is the most extreme case of hoarding disease. 

This type of behavior demonstrates a person who has no functional intention of using or disposing of common garbage and will hold no real sentimental value for objects in general. Example: empty food containers, un-flushed/un tossed bathroom and kitchen tissues, circular mailings, coupons, unopened letters (old mail), plastic and paper shopping bags. In homes where obvious garbage is not thrown away on a regular basis, the dwelling becomes accumulated in compacted waste, resulting in limited access and use of the entire home. This could cause utilities to be shut off, e.i. water, heat and electricity. A home with contaminated gross filth will invite insects, rodents and potent smells. These individuals generally tend to ignore their surroundings and do not let you enter their homes.



Hoarding (Getting Rid of Trash) TIP # 1. MAIL (PAPER TRASH)

One of the most difficult tasks on a day-to-day basis is incoming paper mail and circulars. Everyday new advertisements for your local pizza, Mexican and Chinese food places, coupons for bed, bath and literally beyond stuff. Shouting at you that you need more stuff to organize your stuff is mind-boggling. The most important step is to get that mail opened and sorted right away. I can’t express how important this is to do on a daily basis. This is the key to helping you eliminate your Trash Hoarding (syllogomania) in the highest degree. How can you do this quickly and at ease? Find a designated spot or create one, whether it be a table right by the door with a small chair next to it, or a place on your kitchen counter that is visible (though I recommend never having the mail leave your foyer) or, if you must, an office could work as well. The point is making a space and sticking to the plan. Paper is the number 1 source of clutter and always found in extreme hoarding issues. It could be considered a gateway to hoarding all together. This designated box or area should be your daily go too. It needs to be nurtured just like any house plant. I would also suggest keeping an accordion folder nearby and using this to sort your bills. Another way is to go as paperless as possible. You can do this by going online and submitting that request. You can also put a “don’t post bills” sign in front of your door to keep those pesky circulars at bay. One more thing is just putting a shredder or trash can right by the door.

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