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What is Hoarding?
What type of hoarder are you?

Non-Judgmental Hoarding and Discrete Decluttering and Downsizing Catering to Each Individual Client. Do you know someone that fits these descriptions?


Trash Hoarding (syllogomania) is the most extreme case of the hoarding disease. This type of behavior demonstrates a person who has no functional intention of using or disposing of common garbage and with no real sentimental value for objects in general.  


Food hoarding is the "doomsdayer." This fear drives the individual to stockpile items (mostly food) in bulk or will purchase them on sale as a “survival mode.”


Recycling Hoarders are individuals who usually have large piles of paper, plastics, glass, and aluminum cans, and scrap metals throughout their home inside and out, which would far exceed the amount that an average household would accumulate in a normal garbage pickup cycle. These individuals are set in their intentions to recycle for cash or environmental causes.  


Large collections of things and of many things can cause day-to-day functioning of the home to be inaccessible due to the collection taking over the home. This almost always leads to garbage getting mixed in with collectible things because of the lack of organization.

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